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Petty Foundation

Create awareness and connection

Maria is co-founder of the Petty Foundation, together with Gert Bron, from "Groningen Schoon Thanks to Me", a foundation that mainly focuses on creating awareness about our waste use.


The Petty Foundation wants to contribute to awareness in several locations in the world. Emphasis is placed on mutual understanding, respect for the local situation and population, involvement and responsibility with the aim of Improving the living environment, now and in the future. The Pettyfoundation works together with the local population and (primary) schools in the Netherlands.


We create awareness and connection, necessary to achieve our goal.



With joint cleanups and community art . The cleanups in which we will clean up the local population and the children, cities and beaches.

But we do more… we reuse part of the waste in art: community art. Visual arts , theater performances or joint music projects .


This creates awareness about reuse , pleasure and above all pride !


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