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Videos Surgery waste

My operation

Mother and daughter made this film

The Groningen artist Maria Koijck and her daughter Eva Glasbeek won a prize in Milan with a film about all the waste that was left after her breast cancer operation.

They received the Guiltless plastic Prize in the Italian city from artist Rosanna Orlandi. The prize was awarded as part of the annual design week in Milan. Some 8,000 entries from 55 countries competed for victory in three categories. Koijck and Glasbeek took part in the Emotion and Communication category.

Look at me

If you have cataracts, you can get a new lens, so you can see clearly again. This is a relatively small but very ingenious procedure, which almost everyone who is allowed to grow older has to deal with.


The waste shown here is from 40 cataract operations. In addition to other eye operations, that is the average weekly number of the OMC Hanzekliniek in Groningen. Almost everything that is used during this procedure is disposable, each time 2 surgical gowns are used, 3 blankets, 2 fiber mats, 3 hats and much, much more used. Just in Holland an average of 4000 new lenses are placed... every week. That is 100 times as much waste per week as on this video!


The video is made by filmmaker Eva Glasbeek and the beautiful music by Lucas Raimbault.

My first little footprint

This is Fé she was born on January 6, 2022 in the hospital. Her mother was admitted midway through labor due to slow dilation, she received an epidural in hospital and gave birth to a healthy daughter in the morning.

On average, a child is born every second worldwide.

This video shows the waste from an uncomplicated hospital birth, more than three garbage bags full. Of course, hygienic work must be done, but the question arises, can this also be done differently?


This is a video about the enormous consumption of plastic disposables in emergency care (ED).

The Accident and Emergency department is the hospital's department for acute problems, diagnoses and treatment. Sometimes you will be forwarded, other times you will receive a plaster and you can go home.

Twice I was here for 24 hours to keep track of the waste production.

This came out to almost the same amounts both days; an average of 150 kilos of waste in 140 plastic bags. On both days, approximately 90 patients visited the emergency room, quiet days according to the nursing staff.

It was striking that the waste contained a lot of coffee cups, packaging for takeaway food, towels, etc., so it was not medical waste.

While all this waste is treated as medical waste, which means that it is specially disposed of and burned.

This not only costs a lot of money and energy, but important raw materials are also lost due to incineration and can therefore no longer be reused.


Pam was a top hockey player, her goal was to play on the Olympic team.

Until she got a knee injury and had to have knee surgery.

This amount of medical waste is generated in her knee surgery, 12-13 kilos.

Every day, 93 knee operations such as Pam's are performed in the Netherlands.

That's 3600 worldwide every day!

Just imagine how much garbage this is, per day!

Using my films for your presentation or project

You can use these films for your presentation or project after paying for it.

With this money i will finance my new filmproject. 

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