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Invite Maria Koijck

Maria likes to talk about how you can change waste yourself and how she achieves this through art and community art. She also wants to motivate people not to give up, but that you can make a difference yourself!

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Perspective of the patient

“Maria was the first to stand up from the perspective of the patients in a penetrating way against the enormous waste in care. She collected the waste from an operation she underwent and, as an artist, she has made a film of it that says it all in a few minutes… It has gone viral in healthcare and beyond, in the Netherlands and internationally.


She has held inspirational talks about this several times and has been asked to become an ambassador for the Green Deal Sustainable Care from a patient perspective. 

Maria knows how to touch people

If you invite Maria as a speaker, you really bring a winner into your home. She really knows how to touch people with her flaming speech. She tells her story with the necessary passion and humor and ensures that people will not soon forget her message about sustainability. In addition, she is very creative not only in her art but also in her solutions to create awareness.

She can lecture on these topics:

  • Waste and art

  • Sustainability in healthcare

  • Change management

  • Community art, art as a mission

Book Maria now

You can book Maria by sending an email to

For lectures for the business community, you can also contact Marga Miltenberg of the speakers 'bureau' Zij Spreekt' (She Speaks)

Spreker bij Zij Spreekt
Maria Koijck - Artist & Speaker
Maria Koijck - Artist & Speaker
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